IBeL SA, was established in 2013 in Switzerland with its main activities focused in radioisotope production technology development. As a member of the international Thorium Energy Committee (IThEC) IBeL SA is also involved in a project aimed at development of an innovative nuclear system.

We have chosen Switzerland as our main headquarters for its expertise in the field of medicine, biotechnology and nuclear physics as well as a favorable geographical position in Europe to carry out our activities. This also gives us an opportunity to share our scientific activities with research centers such us the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) and alike. After consolidating our activities in Switzerland, IBeL intends to cover the international market by targeting specific niches.


At IBeL, we apply science and our expertise in business and other areas in order to deliver the best products and services that may extend and significantly improve the lives of people. We put great effort into setting high standards for quality, safety and value in all our activities. IBeL operations are based on innovation, development and creative approach. One of our main objectives is to put together an extended portfolio of radioisotope products and services available to our customers all over the world.

Our team of professionals works in collaboration with a network of experts worldwide, constantly gathering up to date information and the best practices. This is done in order to improve our knowledge and to be implemented by offering an important service to the society. We believe that it is our responsibility as a premier company to apply the benefits of existing and new methods providing radiopharmaceutical solutions.